Overview(As of 5/10) of Possible Coronavirus Complications

Coronavirus News

SARS-CoV-2, known more colloquially as the “novel coronavirus” is exactly that – novel. It is novel in it’s biological properties, how lang it can survive outside of a host, how far it spreads in the air, the way it can accumulate in environments.

The most novel part by far, however, is the sheer variety of effects it can have on the human system. Eye problems, organ damage, skin lesions, and stomach upset are just some of the possible manifestations. As one doctor puts it, “Our hypothesis is that COVID-19 begins as a respiratory virus and kills as a cardiovascular virus.”

Doctors keep discovering new ways the coronavirus attacks the body

Deborah Coughlin was neither short of breath nor coughing. In those first days after she contracted the novel coronavirus, her fever never spiked above 100 degrees. It was vomiting and diarrhea that brought her to a Hartford, Conn., emergency room on May 1. “You would have thought it was a stomach virus,” said her daughter, Catherina Coleman.

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