Further Evidence Supports Masks as Integral in Defense Against Second Wave of COVID-19

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A new study from the University of Cambridge finds that 50% or more mask users, combined w periodic shelter in place can effectively and dramatically reduce the reproduction rate, or r number(r = 2 means that on average each person with an infection passes it to two additional people).

Key takeaways of the study are:

“100 percent mask adoption combined with on/off lockdowns prevented any further disease resurgence for the 18 months required for a possible vaccine.” and also, “The models suggest that – while the sooner, the better – a policy of total face mask adoption can still prevent a second wave even if it is not instigated until 120 days after an epidemic begins.”

Face mask use needed to ‘prevent COVID-19 second wave’

The widespread use of face masks keeps the coronavirus reproduction number below 1.0, and prevents further waves when combined with lockdowns, new research suggests. A modelling study from the universities of Cambridge and Greenwich indicates that lockdowns alone will not stop the resurgence of COVID-19.

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