About Us

Who are we?

We are a consortium of tech professionals, web developers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs who have been following Covid-19 since January. Also, there is Lady Kat. She is my cat, and–to be honest–she has not been pulling her weight for this project.

Why findamask.com?

This project grew organically out of a consensus of concern that forced us to take some form of action. None of us are medical professionals, and all of us wanted to do something to make the world a safer place for our families and communities.

So in late February 2020, we launched findamask.com to promote DIY mask making efforts and to help the general public navigate the myriad of personal protective equipment scams that we knew were on the horizon. Unfortunately, there is still a great need for both missions.

What’s next?

In response to the rampant price-gouging and scams in the sale of personal protective equipment, we have been scouring the internet and making phone calls late into the night to find the most affordable quality personal protective equipment. In the coming weeks we will be working with these heavily vetted companies to offer non-medical masks to our visitors and the greater community.

Our consortium has been working tirelessly to make the numbers work so that we can offer these masks with the smallest margin possible.

Do we donate masks?

Most places that sell masks are doing a buy-one donate-one program. These are wonderful and should be commended. We have chosen, however, to navigate a different path. Instead of donating masks, a portion of our profits (yet to be specified) will be given to organizations developing masks for vulnerable communities, like the deaf community or for those with severe respiratory issues.  Due to personal experience, we are also looking into mask development efforts for designs that are conducive for memory care facilities.

We are still in this fight—the fight to make the world a safer place. We believe this begins by putting a mask on your face so that we can then support our medical communities and communities at large.