Where to Buy a Mask

Our Buying Philosophy

Get a mask. Put it on your face. Get another mask. Put it on a friend’s face.


Can’t sew? Looking to buy a mask but don’t know where to begin? Look no further! Seriously, look no further. Before you purchase a mask that shows everyone which sports team you support (no judgments!), review our research below on prices.

In this landscape there are so many vendors to buy masks from. Many are wonderful and others are not so wonderful. If you want us to review a specific vendor, please reach out to us at getamaskadm@gmail.com and we can tell you if you can find a better deal.

Where to Start – Prices

(Please be patient! We are gathering price data and will be publishing price data soon.)

Next Steps

Spend some time and review a few different vendors. We have a few vendors that we like below. Give yourself permission to buy the mask with the Disney character on it if that means you will wear it more often. Look at what you are paying for. Do the ear loops look comfortable? Are there reusable ties or elastic that may lose tension over time?

The Purchase

Take a breath. There is no reason to overthink this purchase. A cloth mask is better than no mask. A cloth mask with an additional filter is better than just a cloth mask. Lastly, make sure it fits. Want more info: we like this article on buying masks.

Here are some of the vendors we have identified (more to come).

For Individuals:

For Institutions:

“We are working with governments to determine where demand is and where it is most urgent. This is a tool designed to gather data as efficiently as possible to assist in distribution efforts.”


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